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way to becoming

“When a Black African migrant woman is in a relationship with a white man, the organ on her body that society gives its highest attention to is her vagina. On the one hand, everytime me and my ‘white lover’ make love, I am not me and he is not him. I am Africa allowing itself to be taken by settler Europe.”

Rich, complex and fearless, “Way To Becoming” by Sabrina Richmond deals with the black woman’s body as a site of pleasure and contestation. Charting the journey – physical, professional and personal – of a life lived in many countries and their attendant assumptions, Sabrina’s perceptive and deeply human work is an embodied investigation of what we lose, what we bring with us and how important it is to keep asserting – and embracing – the many things we are, not just for ourselves, but for the societies in which we live .

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Welcome to Things I am Not, a podcast series and digital platform brought to you by LegalAliens Theatre. At the heart of the project are 10 original audio monologues, each written and performed by a female artist who has migrated to the United Kingdom.

Recognising the stereotypes often projected onto migrant women, ranging from exotic seductress to benefit scrounger to victim with no agency, we’ve asked artists to respond to the theme Things I am Not in the style and form they prefer.

Join us for a festival of complexity and self-definition as we release these monologues as a podcast over the next 10 weeks. Each monologue will be accompanied by an original digital artwork by Laura Rouzet. 



Things I am Not is designed to spark dialogue and we’re keen to hear from listeners, whether they identify as migrants or not.
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Producing Artistic Director: Lara Parmiani

Concept: Emmanuela Lia

Director: Becka McFadden

Website design: Daiva Dominyka

Social media: Catharina Conte
Digital Artwork: Laura Rouzet

Original Music: Angelina Rud & Martin Bakero

Podcast Consultant: David Monteith, Rogue Spirit Podcasting Solutions



Monologues written and performed by: Yasmeen Ghrawi, Lanna Joffrey, Gael Le Cornec, InYoung Lee, Emmanuela Lia, Becka McFadden, Lara Parmiani, Sabrina Richmond, Miray Sidhom, Mai Weisz


Things I am Not is funded by Arts Council England and supported by New Diorama and Migrant Dramaturgies Network. With thanks to Counterpoint Arts, The Engine Room Tottenham, and The Hope Project.